Airport Support Facilities

Airport Fueling Operations Building

The Airport Support Facilities project was made up of several facilities and their associated infrastructure that needed to be relocated to make room for the upcoming Terminal 1 replacement project.  The components of this project include:

  • Facilities Management Department campus to include offices, warehouse, shops, and parking of equipment, fleet vehicles, and staff vehicles (located across the street from the Rental Car Center we built).
  • Airline Support Building that included 93,000 square-foot building that houses airline belly cargo, ground service equipment maintenance, and serves as a storage area for aircraft provisioning items now provides a convenient location for the public to pick up and drop off live animals or bulky cargo items shipped in the bellies of passenger jets
  • Aircraft fueling operators offices, maintenance facility, and parking facilities for aircraft refueling trucks.
  • Rental Car Center Bus Parking Facility Modifications.
  • And a 3 million gallon underground storm water capture and reuse facility.

Sundt Construction thanks The San Diego International Airport Authority for the opportunity to build on to the San Diego Airport.

The San Diego Airport Authority and Sundt Construction thank ALL our partners who assisted in the success of this project and all its elements; including the Facilities Management Department Campus, Fuel Operations Building, Airline Support Building, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and the San Diego Airlines Consortium LLC Tenant Improvements.